panel settings


Some settings might not work with each other


Type in the settings textboxes if the scene gets heavy

The Anatomy of the Scene

anatomy of the scene1 anatomy of the scene2


The extra plane is between the “frame” and “extra glass”


The extra plane can be seen if using a boolean object or sparse grid

Viewport Optimization

Optimize things if the scene gets heavy.

viewport optimization settings

Quick Settings

quick settings

Grid Settings

Modify the grid on which the objects are placed.

grid settings

Instance Objects

Change the objects to use as base and extra instances

instance objects settings


Extra objects are located on top of the base objects

Base Scale

Change the scale of base instances

base scale settings


Can type in a number up to 1000 for the “Base Height Multiplier”

Base Rotation

Change the rotation of base instances

base rotation settings

Base Shading

Shading settings for base instances

base shading settings


Environment Settings

environment settings


Option to use a different env. texture for lighting and background image

Extra Location

Offset the location of extra instances on the Z axis

extra location settings

Extra Scale

Change the scale of extra instances

extra scale settings

Extra Rotation

Change the rotation of extra instances by setting an object to “look at”

extra rotation settings

Extra Shading

Shading settings for extra instances

extra shading settings

Extra Glass

Settings for the glass layer

extra glass settings

Extra Plane

Settings for the extra plane layer

extra plane settings

Boolean Settings

Use a mesh to cut into the whole scene

boolean settings

Frame Settings

Settings for the frame

frame settings

Floor Settings

Settings for the floor

floor settings